Mechanical Pre-Treatment


A case study for water based HVAC:

A food processing plant in Arizona has several water based HVAC air handlers for the plant as well as a couple of aspen pad coolers. Hard water int he plant force the change of the cooling pads every month. 


Industrial Water Innovations Mechanical Pre-Treatment unit was installed in early Sept, 2019 and positive results started to show 3 weeks after installation.

The Mechanical Pre-treatment unit is an in-line water part softener that requires no salt and prevents the buildup of calcium on the cooling pads. in installs inline with the make up water line or in the circulating pump lines.

Photo and video of cooling pad taken prior to installation. It would take 2-3 weeks for calcium to start forming on the pads

Photo and video of cooling pad taken after installation. no visible accumulation of calcium after 2 months

The plant also has Aspen wood based pads on two other smaller swamp coolers, The pads used to calcify in 2 short weeks and after installation of the treatment unit, inline with the circulation pump, no calcification is observed in the pads after 2 month of installation.

The plant was able to save about $1,200 per month in pads and maintenance costs with the small investment of the pre-treatment unit

Industrial Water Innovations, 2017

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