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Sugar Concentration System

Food and Beverage, especially soft drink and juice manufacturing facilities, constantly deal with the disposing of industrial waste water with higher than allowed concentrations of BOD (Bio-Chemical Oxigen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxigen Demand), often at significant expense.


A system designed and built specifically for the specific stream in your facility, can separate and recover 85% of the water, to be reused or disposed of free of measurable BOD & COD and concentrate the sugar to reduce volume and increase brix.

Depending on the composition and volume of the sugar concentrate, it can be used in Bio-Reactors  for Ethanol production, mixed with other products for agricultural feed or confined at a lower cost due to the reduction in volume.

An example for the use of this technology is the recovery of Aluminum or Plastic for bottled soda or juice that has been deemed non-compliant; where damaged product is put into a hopper to crush cans and the soda or juice is routed to this system instead of into the industrial waste collector.

This avoids the waste of a very precious product (water), but also the fines for the BOD (sugar) which can be significant.

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