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Self-powered clinic to bring expanded medical care to Uganda

Industrial Water Innovations was invited to participate in the design and installation of a system to sanitize water collected from rain sources without chemicals like chlorine or purifying tablets. The system had to be designed to operate on a very limited power supply since the mobile medical clinic was completely self powered by solar panels. With only a small amount of power made available for the system, disinfection with UV light was the most appropriate solution for the system.


A high efficiency UV system was selected as well as an automatic filter, calcium control unit and agitators for the tank. These other components enhance the chances of the UV disinfection system properly maintaining collected rain water.


The system was designed to be autonomous, with minimal operator involvement due to the unknown availability of expertise at the destination site.

It is constructed inside a conex container, and developed with funding from the Office of Naval Research in coordination with Arizona State University.

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