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Filtration and Ultra Filtration Systems

Depending on the specific needs for a specific solution, Industrial Water Innovations can design and engineer Filtration and Ultra Filtration (UF) units.

Industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, and waste water treatment, employ ultra filtration in order to recycle flow or add value to later products.

Ultrafiltration can be used for the removal of particulates and macromolecules from raw water to produce potable water. It has been used to either replace existing secondary (coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation) and tertiary filtration (sand filtration and chlorination) systems employed in water treatment plants or as standalone systems and are currently preferred over traditional treatment methods for the following reasons:

  • No chemicals required (aside from cleaning)

  • Constant product quality regardless of feed quality

  • Compact plant size


In many cases UF is used for pre-filtration in reverse osmosis (RO) plants to protect the costly RO membranes.

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