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Cooling Tower Energy Saver Module

High energy use and evaporation, caused by excess fan speed when there's no demand for chilled tower or the atmospheric conditions are such that full speed is not required. It causes accelerated scaling on the tower fill, wastes water and vents any cooling tower chemicals in use to the atmosphere.

Controlling cooling tower capacity with variable fan control, is a logical application of technology. This provides a means of fully modulating tower capacity to match loads over a wide range of weather conditions with the goal or reducing energy use and excessive evaporation.


















  • Eliminates the shock loads placed on mechanical parts of the tower by frequent cycling of fans to match reduced loads.

  • Reduces excessive evaporation and misting which carries with it costly chemicals allowing the temperature of the water leaving the tower to be controlled to within a few degrees instead of the greater deltas with on/off control.

  • Takes full advantage of utilizing the service factor of the motors to meet chilled water demand and provides an opportunity to operate cooling towers with 35 to 40 percent less energy than conventional on/off controls.

Industrial Water Innovations’ Cooling Tower Energy Saver module is engineered to optimize the electrical power used by cooling tower fans and minimize evaporation while maintaining the optimal temperature of the chilled water stream. This Module can be applied to most installations and requires a pair of sensors to monitor the delta of temperature between the chilled water supply and return lines.


It is the perfect optional complement to our Cooling Tower Conditioning System, but it can also be used stand alone and easily installed with minimal mechanical and electrical effort.


Energy savings of 30-50% or more are easily achieved over time by adjusting to the always changing atmospheric conditions in which a tower operates, and with that, great savings on chemicals and make up water by optimizing fan speed and minimizing evaporation. This results in measurable operating expense savings as well as prevent excessive calcium deposits on adjacent equipment where the cooling tower mist deposits.

The module’s features are:


  • Requires minimal operator interaction.

  • Simple in operation and able to work in most installation and be brand agnostic.

  • Simple to install.

  • Extends the life of the cooling tower fans and other mechanical and transmission components.

  • Greatly reduce the use of chemicals used by preventing excessive evaporation.

  • Works in conjunction with other systems or stand alone as well as having an integral bypass in case of system failure.


The Module is designed to control any size of variable frequency drive for the fan(s) in a cooling tower and only requires a single phase 110-120VAC supply. (does not include fan power). The Module is in a light non-metallic wall-mounted enclosure with quick connections that facilitate installation.


The module’s components include:


  • Sensors to monitor temperature.

  • State of the art control panel.

  • Operator visual and auditive signals.

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